De-icing vehicles

For the benefit of aviation safety

Kiitokori Special Vehicles is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of aircraft de-icing vehicles.
Kiitokori has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of de-icing vehicles. Finland’s harsh weather conditions during the winter have taught us to understand better the specific requirements concerning the de-icing and ice prevention of aircraft.

The basis of the operation of a Kiitokori de-icing vehicle is a customised, parameterised user interface, which reduces both the environmental impact and the amount of de-icing and anti-icing fluids required, and ensures safe and efficient de-icing operations at small local airfields and remote de-icing areas at large international airports alike.

All EFI de-icing vehicles manufactured by Kiitokori are designed and manufactured using high quality and reliable components, with consideration taken of the safe and reliable use of all parts. Each de-icing vehicle complies with the IATA AHM 977 quality standard, as well as all other applicable EN standards.