Special vehicles with
special excellence

Kiitokori is a manufacturer of special vehicles, each of which is individually created and customised. Tell us your needs – we will implement the creation.

Mobile kindergarten

Mobile library

Healthcare vehicles

Security sector

Other Special Vehicles

We offer

The expertise of skilled specialists

Using appropriate and sufficient resources – from design to implementation

Customer-focused service

We listen to the customer, and the response is evident in all our solutions

High-quality products

Applying sustainable techniques, producing finish and functional quality

Mobile service units

Kiitokori’s core excellence lies in producing vehicles for libraries and healthcare services, as well as for other services and points of need. From the very beginning of each assignment, we pay special attention to the demand for individuality, flexibility and high quality in the work, across all possible work phases. The products that we create have long lifespans.

Kiitokori was founded in Finland and has manufactured special vehicles since 1948. Our products grace the roads of many European countries, stopping to assist citizens at moments of need.

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