Multi-talented in special vehicles

Kiitokori - yhteystiedotThe Kiitokori Group is made up of three manufacturers of special equipment: Kiitokori Oy specialises in buses and special vehicles implemented on top of truck chassis; Saurus Oy manufactures, as its main products, firefighting vehicles for the fire and rescue services – in addition to these, Saurus also produce clearing and customised vehicles; Vema Lift Oy  designs and manufactures aerial work platforms and lifting cars, mainly for the rescue and electricity sectors.

The strong and diverse expertise in special equipment provided by the group's three companies as a whole supports individual companies with regard to the efficient use of skills and human resources.


New owner for Saurus and Vema Lift to strengthen growth

Sievi Capital plc will own majority shareholdings in Saurus Oy and Vema Lift Oy under the terms of a transaction agreement signed on 7 January 2020. State-owned investment company Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) is a co-investor in the transaction arrangements. Saurus and Vema Lift, manufacturers of firefighting and rescue vehicles, will in future form a newly founded corporate group. The vendor, Kiitokori Group, will divest all ownership of the companies but will continue to support their growth by providing additional capacity as a subcontractor. Kiitokori Oy’s CEO Antero Sirkka is involved to support continuity of business operations until a new CEO for the corporate group being founded has been appointed.