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Diverse functionality

Each vehicle manufactured by Kiitokori must pass through its own unique production process. The design and planning is guided by means of an initial mapping and in accordance with the customer’s requirements – something that we place great importance on. Customised options relate to the vehicle sizes, chassis structures, space solutions, material choices, interior design and technical details.

We use stainless steel in our products, which guarantees that each vehicle has a long service life in demanding conditions. We manufacture special vehicles for all the best-known bus chassis types, such as Volvo and Scania. Since the vehicles may have to function in situ at a location for a period of time, heating and ventilation systems provide the support needed to achieve optimal service conditions.

Kiitokori on valmistanut 50 vuoden aikana lähes 700 kirjastoautoa. Ensimmäiset kirjastoautot tulivat Suomeen vuonna 1965.


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