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Mobile library

Comfortable and multi-functional

The modern appearance of our mobile library solutions will surprise many visitors. Through careful planning, the finished interior decor, as well as the forms, spaces and materials supporting functionality, give life and variety to operations.

As with all special vehicles, our mobile libraries are unique vehicles, in which the varying needs of different users can be addressed. For example, how does a rotating presentation platform sound, instead of immobile shelves? The fixed routes of mobile libraries also open up opportunities for providing other services, such as pharmaceutical supplies.

Kiitokori has manufactured close to 700 mobile libraries, over a period of 50 years. The first mobile libraries were introduced in Finland in 1965

Kiitokori on valmistanut 50 vuoden aikana lähes 700 kirjastoautoa. Ensimmäiset kirjastoautot tulivat Suomeen vuonna 1965.

City of Kouvola mobile library

Here comes Tesaurus.

Kiitokori Special Vehicles

Mobile library solutions.

German mobile library

Kiitokori in Germany.


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